Seven Days in Sydney: How to Maximize a Short Stay in Sydney

Planning an itinerary for an adventure in a different city or country can be a wildly daunting task. Where should I stay? What should I do? And most importantly, where do I eat? Many people avoid traveling because the thought of finding the answers to those questions can bring on plenty of anxiety and, well, down right hard work!

Every excursion comes with curveballs, so following an itinerary perfectly to plan is like winning to lottery. This is merely a guide of the “musts” for Sydney as we see it. The “we” in that last sentence refers to 2 twenty-something women who are self-proclaimed coffee connoisseurs, café scene addicts, and stunning scenery chasers who by all accounts, continually search for and seek all the balance in life.

Day 1:

  • AM Food and Coffee: Bread and Circus in Alexandria.
  • Adventure: Take a train to Milson’s Point Train Station where you can then walk across the magnificent Harbour Bridge with spectacular views of the Sydney Opera House. Take a tour of the Opera House (Opera House Tour for $37 AUD).
  • PM Food: Ms. G’s in Pott’s Point for the ultimate Asian Fusion experience. If you have a group of 4 or more, order the Banquet menu for $67 AUD per person. YUM!


Day 2:

  • AM Food and Coffee:Blackwood Pantry in Cronulla
  • Adventure: You’re coming to Australia, you must give the local sport a try! Surfing lessons at Cronulla Surfing Academy will surely keep you entertained and kick start your appetite for dinner! It’ll cost you about $60 AUD for a lesson, but we on the lookout for deals on All The Deals and you can snatch up a lesson for around $29. Don’t forget to book in advance!
  • PM Food: Since you deserve a massive meal, head up to Notaras to grab some killer seafood. The grilled platter for 2 is the perfect post surf meal !


Day 3:

  • AM Food and Coffee:The Grounds of Alexandria in… wait for it…Alexandria
  • Adventure: Sydney is one of those stunning cites that you can look at in total awe. One of the best views of the city comes from the tip top of the Harbour Bridge. Book a Bridge Climb through Bridge Climb Sydney. It’s pricey, but you’re in AUSTRALIA! The sunset or twilight climb are the clear favourites (no, I haven’t spelled that wrong, Aussies stick “u’s” everywhere!). This will set you back $250-$350. Memories right?
  • PM Food: What better way to reflect on your climb than by eating dinner and having drinks with a bridge view?  Opera Bar is the way to go and one of those “musts” when you are visiting.


Day 4:

  • AM Food and Coffee: Bondi Whole Foods in Bondi
  • Adventure: Spend some time walking around Bondi. The vibes and people watching to take in there are second to none! Check out the artistic wall the lines the walking track by the water and stop along with way to watch fitness crowd doing amazing acrobatics near the pull-up bars along the coast. if you have a sweet tooth, okay scratch that, if you are human, head to Pasticceria Papas for a life changing ricotta cannoli. Once you’ve taken in all that Bondi has to offer, make your way to one of the most well known coastal walks in the area. Bondi to Coogee  is one of those walks where you forget that you’re walking because what you’re looking at is so distractingly beautiful.
  • PM Food: After your nice long walk, head to The Coogee Pavillion for some grub!


Day 5:

  • AM Food and Coffee: Henry Lee’s in Redfern will keep your taste buds guessing. Fresh ingredients pack their dishes full of flavour!
  • Adventure: Book a sailing experience for the day where you can learn the ropes of sailing while getting a front row seat to the stunning sites around the city via the water.
  • PM Food: If you’re looking for top notch Asian flavours, head to Mr. Wong Chinese Restaurant where you’ll experience some of the best Chinese cuisine in the city! If you’re after a to-die-for view, (book a table in advance) head to O Bar and Dining or Altitude Restaurant. This city is delicious and beautiful!


Day 6:

  • AM Food and Coffee: You didn’t think I was spell everything out for you did you? Be adventurous, walk around and find something local to your accommodation – it’s Sydney! Cafe’s are everywhere!
  • Adventure: The Spit Bridge to Manly Scenic walk will make you forget that you are so close to the city. The nature in the area is a must see and a popular among locals and visitors. The walk is 10k, pack your vegemite and Tim Tams!
  • PM Food: Once you get to Manly, head to the Warf and order up Nando’s takeaway. Enjoy your meal as you take the ferry back to Circular Quay. If you can plan in perfectly, sunset is the perfect time as the views of the city and Opera House are frame worthy at that time of day.


Day 7:

  • AM Food and Coffee: Get back out to Manly early and eat a delicious meal at Showbox Coffee.
  • AdventureStand-up Paddle boarding will surely wear you out and give you a taste of a local favorite outdoor activity. Soak up some sun after and watch the surfers do their thing on the waves of Manly. This is day 7, relax!
  • PM Food: Top off your Sydney stay with breathtaking views of the Sydney Harbour at Cafe Sydney. Make sure you have enough space on your phone for photos!


If you have more time, or can find the time, the Blue Mountains are not to be missed! It’s a full day trip if you’re travelling from the city, and pack an extra layer of clothes!

For the wine lovers out there, extra time (or a complete day substitution) the Hunter Valley will give you an excellent taste of local wines. There are day tours that will take you from the city and back daily. You might even get to see a kangaroo!

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Travel often. It sooths the soul. See you in Sydney!

-Linds and Nance


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